Creating a Life you Desire

Do any of you ever dread waking up to that jolting alarm clock in the morning? Then hit snooze just a few more times before convincing yourself to get up? I’ve definitely had my share of those days. Even though I know how important it is to be productive and get an early start to the day, the temptation of staying cuddled up in warm blankets sometimes gets the best of me.

It’s hard to always wake up motivated, happy, and energized to tackle the tasks of your work day. It’s hard to always find your inner drive to propel yourself towards reaching your goals. But with practice, it’s possible to begin changing our current habits and lifestyle to one that we desire.

Firstly, recognize.

Recognize that there is something in your current routine that you’d like to improve upon. There’s no need for any judgment or guilt, simply see this as an area in your life that is no longer aligned with your goals and that which needs to be re-evaluated to help you achieve being the best you.

Next, visualize.

You might think it’s crazy, but in fact many of the most successful people in the world like Oprah, Bill Gates, famous athletes and musicians all use a form of visualization to help them embody their goals. Imagine yourself finally reaching your goals and living the life you desire. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What emotions are you feeling? Visualize what’s around you, the sights, smells, and sounds to fully immerse your mind in that moment. Remind yourself often of this vision and keep an open mind to how you’ll get there.

Initiate action.

Building success starts with a strong foundation. Take active steps in cultivating a grateful, positive, and resilient mind on which prosperity may grow. Something I’ve recently started, and have found to be very beneficial in creating a healthy mindset, is a gratitude journal. Every morning or night, I write 5 things I’m grateful for. Gratitude puts you in a state of abundance, where you’re able to focus on all the amazing things that are already in your life. This will allow more amazing things to come your way! Try noticing 5 different things you are grateful for everyday and feel uplifted with the blessings around you.

Practice persistence.

This means regularly practicing visualization, gratefulness, reaching out and accepting opportunities, and not loosing sight of your goals. Every day is a new day to get closer to who and where you want to be. Don’t give up and lose hope if things don’t immediately go your way. Worry less about how you’ll exactly get there, and focus more on what it is that you truly want to accomplish. A positive, open mind will lead you to great possibilities and reveal strength and resilience you may never know you had.

Keep smiling.

Enjoy every day as you work to accomplish your dreams. Start with a smile every morning- even if it seems unnatural at first. The mere act of smiling can subconsciously emulate the feeling of happiness, which in turn will make you believe you are truly happy, even if you’re not sure of the reason why! Learn to smile more, and I’m sure it will make your journey that much more enjoyable.

So overall, if you’re thinking about creating a life you desire but not sure where to start, my advice to you is to: recognize where you are, visualize where you want to be, take action, practice persistence, and keep smiling along the way. Eventually, instead of dreading that alarm clock, perhaps you will wake up feeling grateful, happy, and ready to take on a new day.



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