The Strength in You

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize and observe our strengths at the same level we recognize and observe our weaknesses. Yet, balance is necessary in order for us to fully appreciate our lives.

Perhaps for a long time, our mindset has been accustomed to more easily seeing and judging our own weaknesses. Although we may not have noticed, our strengths have always existed. While this may be a habit we picked up long ago, think of how much clearer our self-perception will be if we shift our vision to see both a positive picture alongside the negative.

Turning inwards to focus on yourself is an important part of understanding positive psychology and the strength that you can embody. When you recognize your strengths, you can then think about ways to enhance and develop them. You can use your positive traits to move yourself into more positive life experiences. Once you see your strengths more clearly, you might also begin to notice other positive changes in your life: for instance, viewing yourself in a positive light, developing self-confidence and self-efficacy. These qualities may thereafter assist in gaining confidence to pursue goals and develop more hope in your life. Perhaps achieving your goals will also lead to greater life satisfaction and provide a positive affect on your daily life! As you can see, simply knowing that you possess your unique strengths may be the key to uncovering your potential in life.

Your strengths are within you, but they can also be shared with and emulated in others. In fact, you may be already sharing your strengths with others in your life without even knowing it. Perhaps people may admire certain qualities about you, and you may inspire or impact their life in some way. We can maximize and grow our individual strengths by turning to people we admire most. Think to yourself, what is their greatest strength? How can I incorporate this into my life? It may be that you admire a certain person’s bravery, courage, or the way they show gratitude and appreciate all the little things in life. Whatever it may be, consider taking it upon yourself to embody this attitude or quality for a while. It’s amazing how setting a goal, being determined, and building a habit can make what once seemed a weakness into one of your greatest strengths.



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